Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of common frequently asked questions. Please call us at 855-772-7528 or email us at if you have any additional questions.
Yes, Modern Migraine MD accepts insurance, but is a concierge medical practice. This means you must pay for a monthly membership to be seen. Our concierge will check to see if you are in network with the doctors but you still must pay the membership. This allows us to provide a concierge level of care and offers services outside the limitations that insurance reimburses
Modern Migraine MD treats all head-related pain including, but not limited to: migraines, tension-type headache, facial pain, cluster headache, and trigeminal neuralgia.
Neurology is a highly specialized and often complicated field to navigate. Modern Migraine MD often receives referrals from primary care doctors and other medical specialists. Modern Migraine MD is a great fit if you are told you need to see a Neurologist.
Yes, neurological second opinions are very common and often a good idea. Modern Migraine MD will review past medical records, test results and other medical opinions, explain findings in greater detail and offer our opinion, including direction as to the best next steps.
You may reschedule an appointment up to 24 hours in advance of your appointment time. You may reschedule your appointment once, after that the appointment is nonrefundable.
No, Modern Migraine MD does not accept insurance. However, we will provide an invoice that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement, or for use with a flexible spending account.
Initial consultations are 30 minutes. Follow ups are typically 15-20 minutes.
Modern Migraine MD accepts all credit cards and Paypal. Payments are accepted through a secure online system.
Yes, Modern Migraine MD provides care for children with a guardian present.
Modern Migraine MD protects all of your health related data under the HIPAA laws, and all of our consultations are done with HIPAA-compliant video.

Modern Migraine MD operates out of New York, California, Florida, Ohio, Colorado, Michigan and abides by those state’s medical laws. You will need to show proof of ID at the time of appointment online. Check back often as we continue to add more physicians in all states to our network.