Patient Reviews

Here are some of the positive things patients say About Modern Migraine MD

Dr. Ravitz was the most compassionate physician I've ever spoken with. She really understood how I suffer from headaches and took the time to review my past history and all the treatments I've tried. Dr. Ravitz recommended a new treatment plan and so far (4 weeks) it's been the best I ever had. The appointment was great and so convenient to do over the web. Just great!


I've suffered from migraines since I was a kid. Different meds work and then don't work. I came across Dr. Ravitz while looking for something I haven't tried. The telemedicine process was so easy and amazing. Dr. Ravitz told me to stop taking some of the vitamins and supplements I thought were helping and changed my prescriptions and so far so good. Highly recommended.


After 18 years of being misdiagnosed and medicated incorrectly, Dr. Risa Ravitz identified my condition as chronic Cluster Headaches and prescribed me with medicine that changed my life! Prior to seeing her I was in excruciating and debilitating pain, now I function with more normality that I ever thought possible. I remember bursting into tears in Dr. Ravitz’s office when I realized I had found someone who could actually help me. Seeing Dr. Ravitz, for me, is like dealing with trusted family. The level of care she provides and her bedside manners are beyond reproach. I would never consider changing doctors.

M.W., Professor at NYU

My family and I reached out to Dr. Ravitz and immediately felt blessed to be in her care. Telemedicine was new to me and I was surprised at how easy it was to connect. Dr. Ravitz treated the illness itself with knowledge and expertise, but also the emotional pain that goes with it with genuine care and compassion. She is smart, direct, responsive and a pleasure to work with. An amazing doctor and a wonderful human being.


I first encountered Dr. Ravitz on a link through the internet and, given my natural technophobia, was very pleasantly surprised at how easy and efficacious the whole process turned out to be. Dr. Ravitz was quick, concise, and quickly focused on the issues I had been encountering, and then made several very sensible recommendations that were very much in line with the feedback I had from a local neurologist. I was able to get a backup opinion in record time, and consequently felt much more reassured about the process I had recently initiated. Would recommend her and the system she employs most readily!