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Patient Reviews

Dr. Ravitz was the most compassionate physician I've ever spoken with.

Dr. Risa Ravitz identified my condition as chronic Cluster Headaches and prescribed me with medicine that changed my life!

Telemedicine was new to me and I was surprised at how easy it was to connect.

Why Patients love Modern Migraine MD

Our migraine doctors and online platform are redefining modern medicine. 

We take the time to speak and listen to patients

Our patients love avoiding long travel times, germ filled waiting rooms, and month long waits for specialist appointments. 

You can expect more than just the quick impersonal advice that’s often given to patients under traditional healthcare circumstances.

We learn your in depth medical, neurologic and lifestyle history and provide personalized expert care—without ever requiring you to leave your home.

Our path to healing is to help people have less pain, more control, and a plan for dealing with headaches.

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