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Carpal Tunnel

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Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a type of neuropathy that affects one of the main nerves in your hand. Risa Ravitz, MD, is a board-certified neurologist at Modern Migraine MD, with office locations in the NoMad neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City, Toms River, New Jersey, and Aventura, Florida, who diagnoses carpal tunnel syndrome, initiates treatment, and makes referrals for continued care. Modern Migraine MD offers telemedicine neurology services in multiple states, so patients get the care they need without a long wait. Call or schedule your carpal tunnel syndrome consultation online today.

Carpal Tunnel Q & A

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition that occurs from the compression of the median nerve as it passes through the carpal tunnel in your wrist. 

The median nerve is a sensory and motor nerve. It provides feeling on the palm side of the index, middle, and ring finger, as well as the thumb. The median nerve also controls the muscles at the base of the thumb.

The carpal tunnel is a narrow, rigid passageway for the median nerve and the tendons that move your fingers. 

Any swelling or narrowing in the carpal tunnel may compress or irritate the median nerve, affecting sensations and movement in the hand. 

What are the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms start out mild and gradually worsen over time. Initially, you may notice tingling or numbness in your hand when you first wake up in the morning that goes away quickly.

However, as the compression of the nerve continues, the sensations may not go away as quickly. Or, your symptoms occur at other times, like when you’re holding on to the steering wheel while driving a car or typing at a computer.

In addition to tingling and numbness, you may also have pain or swelling in the hand or weakness in your grip.

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, schedule a consultation at Modern Migraine MD. Early diagnosis and treatment may delay progression of the condition and prevent permanent nerve damage.

What happens during a carpal tunnel syndrome consultation?

Modern Migraine MD specializes in telemedicine appointments for neurological conditions so patients get the right diagnosis and care as soon as possible. During your carpal tunnel syndrome consultation, Dr. Ravitz reviews your symptoms and medical history.

For in-office appointments, she evaluates the wrist and hand and performs tests to assess sensation and function. Modern Migraine MD also performs electrodiagnostic studies at the office, including nerve conduction study (NCS) and needle electromyography (EMG).

These studies evaluate nerve function and damage.

For a telemedicine appointment, Dr. Ravitz can review the results of any testing you have had for carpal tunnel syndrome.

What are the initial treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome?

After diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome, Dr. Ravitz starts your initial treatment. That might include:

  • Activity modification
  • Wrist splint
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • At-home exercises

She also makes referrals to health providers in your area for continued care and treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Getting an early diagnosis and treatment plan in place may prevent carpal tunnel syndrome from getting worse. Call Modern Migraine MD or schedule an appointment online today.