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Modern Migraine MD offers reliable, patient-centric care when you need it most.

A modern approach to migraines.

Want a better way to treat migraines and neurological disorders while improving overall brain health? We’re here to help.


Holistic means we look at your case and consider solutions from every angle. We look at the big picture and how each puzzle piece is affecting your health. Most importantly, we listen.

Digging deep for accurate diagnoses.

See the doctor virtually from home or the office within 48 hours, and get back to work quickly.

The expert guidance you need.

Not knowing what’s wrong can be scarier than the pain itself. Bringing all of our specialized knowledge and tools to the table, we get you the answers you need to feel and live better.

Customized Treatment

Your symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle habits are unique to you. Together, we’ll create a realistic path to wellness and a clear-cut treatment plan you can feel good about.

Accessibility and convenience.

When you’re suffering, the last thing you need is red tape. We’ve made getting help fast and easy. No guesswork — just pleasant, professional service.

Thoughtful, compassionate care.

You’re a person with a life to live. As a migraine sufferer herself, Dr. Ravitz gets it. She’s a highly trained neurologist who truly cares about making a difference.

As a migraine sufferer myself, I’ve dedicated my life to helping people like you get better.

– Dr. Risa Ravitz

Meet Dr. Risa Ravitz, MD

Hi, I’m Dr. Risa Ravitz. Having dealt with migraines for years, I really get what you’re dealing with, how it impacts your life, and why it’s so important to find relief fast. Together, we can get answers and better manage, reduce, and even relieve your symptoms entirely. That’s always our goal. It starts with education and, of course, the right treatment and care.

Beyond migraines, I specialize in general neurology, pain management, and improving whole brain health. I’ve been studying this stuff for years and I’m constantly evolving my approach to align with the latest science, technology, and clinical data. I love exploring spirituality and the convergence of Eastern and Western medicine. I also love to surf, write and hang out with friends and family.

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Awarded “2013 Super Doctor” by
Awarded “2018, 2020-21 Top Doctor”


• Board Certified, American Board of
Psychiatry and Neurology
• Board Certified, American Board of Pain
• Licensed in California, New York, and Florida

Clinical Training: UCLA & Columbia University

• Residency, Neurology, Harbor UCLA,
Torrance, CA (2007-10)
• Chief Resident, Neurology, Harbor UCLA,
Torrance, CA (2009-10)
• Fellow, Headache Medicine, The Headache
Institute, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital
Center, New York, NY (2010-11)


• Mt. Sinai Hospital
• Lenox Hill Hospital


• American Academy of Neurology
• Headache Cooperative of the Pacific
• American Headache Society
• American Academy of Pain Medicine


Harbor UCLA: Chief Resident Oversaw neurology residents and medical students’ education and supervision of inpatient services.

Your life doesn’t have to be run by migraines

Living with migraines can be made significantly easier through education and treatment – it doesn’t have to be an ongoing struggle that stops you in your tracks.