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The Benefits of Our Telehealth Services

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The Benefits of Our Telehealth Services
If getting into the office for ongoing care is a burden, our virtual visits can give you the care you need from the convenience of your home or office. Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits our telehealth services provide.

Are you managing chronic headaches, migraines, or other neurological health challenges? Then you know that getting the right care is essential for effective treatment and relief from your symptoms. 

But between work obligations, finding a sitter, navigating traffic, and the many other concerns of everyday life, it’s not always easy to get to an office for a visit or checkup. 

At Modern Migraine MD, board-certified neurologist Risa Ravitz, MD, understands the need patients have for flexible care—especially if they want successful, long-term relief. 

That’s why Dr. Ravitz offers both in-person care for patients in Manhattan, Toms River, New Jersey, and Aventura, Florida plus virtual visits in thirteen states across the US. 

Here’s a closer look at our telehealth services and the benefits you’ll enjoy from a virtual visit. 

What is telehealth?

Telehealth, also called telemedicine and virtual healthcare. It gives you the same excellent care you expect and deserve when you come to an in-person visit. But telehealth uses technology to help you connect with your provider more conveniently.

For example, most in-person neurology appointments book out six or more weeks in advance. But with the added flexibility of our telehealth services, Dr. Ravitz can see most Modern Migraine MD patients within 48 hours. 

Since it started decades ago as a way for rural patients to visit in-town providers, telehealth has exploded in popularity. It’s now become available to nearly everyone. Depending on the provider, telehealth may take place over the phone, or it may include video and/or chat. 

Not every condition can be diagnosed and treated using telehealth alone. However, many health concerns can be diagnosed and treated or managed virtually. If an in-person test or exam is required, telehealth providers can coordinate with a local provider to ensure optimal care. 

What’s involved with a virtual visit?

At Modern Migraine MD, our virtual telehealth clinic couldn’t be easier! First, book your virtual appointment through our easy-to-use online tool. 

Next, look for an email from our team confirming your appointment. You’ll also want to verify the insurance information provided is accurate. 

When it’s time for your appointment, click on the link we send to enter your virtual patient room. Rest easy knowing our telehealth appointments are always HIPAA-compliant and keep your privacy secure.

During your appointment, you’ll meet with Dr. Ravitz to address any questions or concerns you have—just the way you would at our offices. Based on your meeting, Dr. Ravitz makes customized recommendations for care. 

She may also order additional testing, referrals, and exams. Our office has experience coordinating through your primary care physician’s office so all orders are carried out quickly and efficiently.

Are there benefits to telehealth?

Absolutely! Telehealth has revolutionized the medical community. Virtual healthcare makes it easier and faster for patients and providers to connect. And there are many other benefits with telehealth. 

By connecting with Dr. Ravitz at a virtual visit, you can expect to:

  • Miss less time from work
  • Have fewer issues with child or elder care
  • Eliminate travel time and expense
  • Get high-quality care faster
  • Avoid exposure to contagions
  • Experience less stress

To learn more about our telehealth services, schedule a virtual appointment with Dr. Ravitz or contact the team at Modern Migraine MD today.